Youth Referral and Independent Persons Program

CMY manages the Youth Referral and Independent Persons Program (YRIPP), a 24-hour accessible statewide network of staff and volunteers whose primary aim is to safeguard the rights of young people in police custody while offering support to divert them away from the criminal justice system.

The strength of this work lies in our ability to harness community resources to respond effectively to the needs of vulnerable young people. Over 500 volunteers are highly trained and uniquely placed as Independent Persons, to assist with the increasing complexities and fast-paced changes of modern policing practices.

Our volunteers refer young people to relevant support services or provide them with information for self-referral, and support them to access legal advice. With the valuable contribution of volunteers, our work continues to build and strengthen bonds between young people and communities to make Victoria safer.

Visit the YRIPP website to find out more

Early intervention & crime prevention

CMY delivers a number of early intervention crime prevention programs, focused on disengaged young people.

We seek to re-engage those who are involved in or at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system, in meaningful outcomes in education, employment and training. We deliver case management support to young people who have been involved in high impact crime.

Our work in the youth justice space aims to reduce the rate, severity and frequency of offending, enable young people to make an effective transition to adulthood, and develop young people’s capacity to participate fully in society.



TARGET ZER0 is aimed at eradicating youth criminalisation and the overrepresentation in the justice system of First Nations, African, Pasifika children and youth and those living in residential care in Brimbank, Melton and Wyndham.

TARGET ZER0 is about doing our work differently to achieve our goal; moving the dial in our expectations and no longer accepting overrepresentation as an outcome.

TARGET ZER0 wants to increase collaboration amongst all stakeholders in Brimbank, Melton and Wyndham, especially those impacted by youth criminalisation and overrepresentation and develop common agendas to drive down overrepresentation towards zero.

To succeed, TARGET ZER0 needs the commitment and wisdom of community, government and non-government organisations in Brimbank, Melton and Wyndham and we look forward over the coming months to telling you more about the project and having you join on.

For more information, please contact: Jemal Ahmet on jahmet@cmy.net.au or Anoushka Jeronimus on anoushka@westjustice.org.au


Reconnect (DET)

The Reconnect program supports young and mature people from multicultural backgrounds who would like support in looking for work or education pathways.

The program offers participants a one-to-one careers coach who can assist with work-ready skills, applying for jobs, career advice, employment and education-related support, and youth support tailored to support with wraparound services.

To be eligible, a participant must meet one of the criteria’s below:

  • Be a young person (17 – 24 years), mature participant (20 – 64 years) or young person with family members
  • Be a young person at risk or involved in youth justice
  • Be an asylum seeker holding a current visa with work and study rights
  • Be interested in finding a job, work experience or looking for education pathways
  • Meet with their careers coach and youth worker once a week or fortnightly basis
  • Be willing to commit to the program for 3 – 6months or 12 months

Please send referrals to jsmith@cmy.net.au or contact Julian Smith, Program Manager – Youth Justice Folio, on 0423 475 295.

Download referral form

For more information please contact Julie Babiano, Multicultural Youth Worker, at jbabiano@cmy.net.au or 0436 617 954.

Change It Up

Change It Up delivers intensive case management support to young people in Wyndham identified as engaging in high impact violent crime. Contact our Program Manager – Youth Justice Portfolio for more info.