Many organisations face challenges in meaningfully engaging and empowering multicultural young people. This can result in reduced active participation and influence from young people in various sectors.

While 60% of Generation Z and Millennials believe that businesses have an opportunity to influence positive change, less than half believe businesses are having a positive impact on society. There is a mismatch between expectations and aspirations, resulting in reduced participation, lower engagement and decreased workplace retention.

We bridge this gap by facilitating meaningful youth-led engagement, mutual understanding, and environments where young voices are empowered to lead in innovation and social change.

We are a Youth-led Impact Agency committed to empowering young people through inclusive engagement, leadership opportunities, and innovative, culturally attuned strategies.

We will help you build youth engagement and leadership pathways to nurture the potential of young people in your business or community.

We are the experts in youth engagement and youth empowerment – we are Culture Spring, a Youth-led Impact Agency by CMY.