CMY has a range of programs and resources designed to support students and their families.

Students and families from migrant and refugee backgrounds have a unique set of needs and face a variety of challenges when engaging in the education system. These may include: English not being their first language, disrupted education prior to arriving in Australia, experiences of trauma that impact on learning, experiences of racism at school and in broader society, parents having limited or no experience navigating formal education systems, differing expectations of the structures and norms of the Victorian education system.

We can help to build your capability and boost your confidence in supporting and engaging with students and families from refugee and migrant backgrounds for better educational outcomes. See below for a range of programs and resources.

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What we offer

Support for Schools

We support schools to enhance engagement with students from refugee and migrant backgrounds and their families. As well as programs in schools, we deliver training and professional development for school staff, and produce a range of resources to support schools, teachers, students and their families.

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Support for Out-of-School-Hours Learning Support Programs

Across Victoria, we provide support to over 365 out-of-school-hours learning support programs (OSHLSP). These programs provide high quality tuition and learning support to children and young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds, and their families. They also assist families to better support their children’s learning at home.

We can provide your learning support program with consultation and advice, networking opportunities, training and professional development, and resources.

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Reverb – Culturally responsive mental health

A whole-school approach including workshops and consultations relating to culturally responsive mental health. This program can be tailored to your school and typically runs for one term.

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Schools Standing Up To Racism

Schools Standing Up to Racism is a collaboration between CMY and the Victorian Department of Education and Training, offering a range of resources to support schools to address racism and discrimination in their school environment.

This includes workshops available for primary and secondary school leadership and staff and a third optional workshop available for secondary students.

View workshops brochure and visit the website for resources.


MY Education

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Find a Learning Support Program

Our Homework Club database includes over 350 learning support programs across Victoria. These are attended by more than 6,000 students weekly and assisted by approximately 1,800 volunteer tutors. Some of these learning support programs have agreed to be listed publicly on our website.

If you are interested in volunteering with a learning support program, or you know a student in need of support, find your closest Homework Club here.


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