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Learning Beyond the Bell (LBB)

Across Victoria, LBB supports over 360 out-of-school-hours learning support programs. These programs provide high quality tuition and learning support to children and young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds and their families. They also assist families to better support their children’s learning at home.

CMY can provide:

  • consultation on starting an out-of-school-hours learning support program
  • resources and advice to support program management and delivery
  • professional development and networking opportunities for program coordinators
  • assistance with program quality and improvement plans
  • training for volunteer tutors as well as advice on volunteer recruitment and management
  • information to link potential volunteers to local out-of-school-hours learning programs
  • evidence-based advice and advocacy at local, state and national levels on education issues.

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Refugee Education Support Program (RESP)

Refugee Education Support Program (RESP) improves the educational outcomes of students from migrant and refugee backgrounds. RESP provides holistic and targeted support to selected schools to strengthen the connections between student achievement and wellbeing and student, family, school and community engagement.

RESP is a partnership between CMY, Foundation House and the Department of Education and Training, delivered in collaboration with Catholic Education Commission of Victoria and the Association of Independent Schools Victoria.

We have a range of case studies to illustrate outcomes for RESP schools, their students, and families. 

See a Learning Support Program in action

As part of RESP, Ruskin Park Primary School partnered with nearby Melba College to establish a new Homework Club that catered to students from refugee backgrounds. Through Peer Tutors, students at Ruskin Park Primary brushed up on their English language skills and were able to seek support for transitioning to high school from the older students.

See the club in action and hear how students felt about their involvement.

Ruskin Park Primary Homework Club In Collaboration With Melba College from Centre for Multicultural Youth on Vimeo.


MY Education resources


Refugee Journeys into Victorian Schools MY Education Refugee Journeys into Victorian Schools - An Online Learning Resource


This e-learning module explores the settlement and education experiences of students from a refugee background. It will identify some of the challenges that arise while settling in Australia and engaging in education. It is a resource for people supporting the education of students from a refugee background.


Interactive Map of Victorian Education System Navigating the Victorian Education System – A guide or newly arrived young people and their families


This map is designed to meet the information needs of young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds and their families who are considering their future in Australia. It provides teachers, careers advisors, youth workers, community workers and other professionals with information about the Victorian Education system and potential pathways. This guide will soon be available in community languages.


Opening the School Gate - downloadable resource Opening the School Gate – A resource to assist schools to engage with migrant and refugee families: Opening the School Gate is a resource kit that provides teachers and other school staff with a range of strategies to encourage parents and families from culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) backgrounds to fully participate in the educational experience of their children at school.


  A Co-ordinator's Guide to Out-of-School-Hours Learning Support Program:

This guide was developed to provide program coordinators of Out-of-School-Hours Learning Support Programs (OSHLSP) with information, processes and templates to assist in the design, operation and evaluation of an effective program.



The Education Needs of Young Refugees in Victoria The Education Needs of Young Refugees in Victoria:
This report provides an outline of the education issues facing young people from refugee backgrounds and makes recommendations for developing government policy to improve educational outcomes and enhance emotional well-being for young people from refugee backgrounds.