What knowledge do we need, to practice socially-engaged Visual Storytelling?

Each week, a group of 10 Young Initiators meet at RMIT Photography’s lab in Collingwood, to create and question. Through workshops and discussions about the power of the image, sequencing, approaches to stories and experimenting with mediums, the culmination of our work will be exhibited on December 19th, thanks to Ying Ang at Le Space.

This week we asked the question, ‘what knowledge do we need, to practice socially engaged Visual Storytelling?’

Some quick and powerful answers from creative directors and photographers from the V.S. crew:

‘You need fire. Fire in your belly. Fire in your mind. Be personal, be true and be you.’ – Lally

Shot by Madz Rehorek

‘You need your SELF, you carry all the knowledge, you need to be able to draw inspiration from others, but the basic requirement is yourself.’ – Yakub

Shot by Sean Nabos

‘I think really, overall the knowledge of understanding and accepting. Having a broad knowledge but researching to gain a deeper one, and balancing this with emotional intelligence.’ – Summayyah

Shot by Madz Rehorek

Lameck, Akolda and Peter from the Visual Stories team, at our studio at RMIT in Collingwood

Shot by Madz Rehorek

Keep updated on what this group of creatives are conjuring up on their Instagram, and get ready for their exhibition on December 19th, at Le Space.

Story originally posted by Madz Rehorek on the Young Initiators blog.