What’s New: Youth Advisory Groups 2024

CMY’s Youth Advisory Groups hail from all over Victoria, forming a dynamic group of young people determined to create impact and change in their communities.  

Youth Advisory Groups (YAGs) provide an opportunity for young people to build their advisory and advocacy skills and influence the work of CMY; including program development and speaking on issues that should be at the forefront. Views and ideas expressed by YAG members have been instrumental in CMY’s strategic decision-making processes, ongoing programs and initiatives.  

Being a part of CMY’s YAG means opportunities for professional development, working on projects, creating personal networks and having lots of fun whilst doing so. After recruitment at the start of the year, 2024 kicked off with the YAG Camp, held at YMCA in Anglesea.  

In attendance were Metropolitan, CSG and Le Mana Pasifika Youth Advisory Groups, making up a group of over 30 multicultural young people from all parts of Melbourne. Young people and staff embarked on a three-day adventure, taking part in professional development and leadership workshops, outdoor activities, nature walks, cross community collaboration and planning for 2024.

Check out the camp recap video below:

“I didn’t know anybody going into it, but it was so much fun and I think the friendships I made there definitely motivate me more to attend all the YAG meetings. I’m still in touch with people from other youth groups like CSG and Le Mana.”

– Syazwani (Wani), Metro YAG member

After a fast-paced period of planning, all Victorian YAG groups then geared up for one of the biggest occasions of the year – presentations from each YAG group to the CMY Board. Board presentations were implemented to create a greater voice for young people, providing an opportunity to share upcoming initiatives and issues important to young people today.  

On 12 March, Metropolitan, Gippsland and Ballarat YAGs, CSG and Le Mana Pasifika leadership groups each presented to the CMY board, sharing focus areas and top priorities for the year. In a group collaboration, young people noted four issues that remain top priorities: 

  • Life Skills
  • Mental Health
  • Social Connection
  • Creative Arts

Rounding out these four areas, each group then presented individual group objectives, projects, initiatives and ideas, requesting support and mentorship from the board in their quest to create change. Upcoming projects and initiatives from young people include Thrive Cast, a mental health and wellbeing podcast by CMY Ballarat, Life Skills workshops by Le Mana Pasifika, Inter-area events with CSG, Double Standards podcast by CMY Gippsland and events focusing on cultural identity and the creative arts with Metro YAG.  

The year is off to an exciting start for CMY’s YAGs and we can’t wait to see what else is in store. If you are interested in learning more about CMY’s Youth Advisory Groups, visit this page.