Harmony Youth Summit 2024

Dare to Dream

The Harmony Youth Summit (HYS) was held on 28th June this year, bringing together over 140 multicultural young people, many from Māori and Pasifika communities, to share their perspectives on the unique challenges they face today. 

This years theme, “Dare to Dream,” was set to inspire young people to envision and pursue their aspirations with courage and determination. The theme emphasises the limitless potential within each individual and encourages participants to break through barriers, both personal and societal. The summit featured dynamic speakers, engaging workshops, and collaborative activities designed to foster a supportive environment where dreams can be shared and nurtured.

This year’s Harmony Youth Summit was led by the CMY programs Le Mana Empower Pasifika Program and the Western Young People’s Independent Network (WYPIN). They partnered with various organisations, including NRL Vic, Wyndham Youth Services, the Les Twentyman Foundation, the University of Melbourne, Drummond Street, Collateral Culture, CFMEU, Monash Health, and Youth Projects Ltd.

The day kicked off with an Acknowledgment to Country, as well as welcome speeches from Wyndham City Council Mayor CR Jennie Barrera and CMY CEO Carmel Guerra OAM, encouraging young people to dare to dream.

Exploring the many pathways available to young people, the morning included workshops defining dreams and goals, chatting about career journeys and discussing solutions to overcoming barriers. Young people departed to their allocated sector destinations, hearing from industry professionals in Community, Health, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Construction and Sport.

To enrich the summit experience, organisers enlisted the support of Culture Spring and Target Zero, a youth-led initiative by CMY. The Culture Spring team provided cultural competency and personal development training to teachers who accompanied their students on the day. This training equipped educators with the tools to understand their students’ cultural values and take the learning back into their teaching settings.

The day concluded with an afternoon presentation from the University of Melbourne, followed by a panel discussion with industry professionals. The event emphasised the importance of culturally safe spaces, effective leadership, and community support in helping young people achieve their dreams. By bringing together diverse voices and perspectives, “Dare to Dream” aimed to empower youth to take bold steps toward their future, recognising that their unique contributions can lead to transformative change in their communities and beyond.