CEO Message: Annual Report 2020-21 Launch

I’m pleased to share with you our latest Annual Report. I had thought that 2021 might have been a year focused on COVID recovery, but we continue to navigate our way through the complex and unexpected challenges of the ongoing pandemic.

This report highlights the determination and agility of the CMY team in our work to support the ever-changing needs of multicultural communities, as well as the immense resilience and heart of the young people who inspire us.

The pandemic has seen many ‘normal’ ways of life put on hold for everyone, but it is the youth of today who will bear the long-term effects of this crisis, while the mental health and social challenges experienced by migrant communities are aspects that have recently emerged to the forefront.

We thank our funders and all of our partners for their ongoing support and commitment to CMY’s vision. In times of struggle and uncertainty comes opportunity and I hope that this momentum will lead to the meaningful change in our community that will enable young multicultural people to thrive.

You can read the report here.