2022-23 Victorian State Budget handed down

Today, the Victorian Government handed down the 2022-23 State Budget. Certainly, this government has delivered a budget with a strong and important focus on COVID management and recovery to support devastated communities and the economy, with significant investment in health services.

CMY welcomes the continued maintenance of place-based initiatives to support multicultural communities in COVID recovery. $3.7 million has been allocated for the CALD Communities Taskforce to extend its work in 12 priority local government areas.

In addition, young people will benefit from the continuation of Empower Youth Grants, crime prevention programs, and the enhanced Navigator program. These initiatives will certainly make a helpful contribution towards lifting young people out of positions of disadvantage. 

Free public transport for 30 days for students in crisis, along with the introduction of the international student concession pass is encouraging to see, as it has been called for over many years.

Furthermore, the two-year sick pay guarantee pilot is a constructive initiative for young people, particularly those of multicultural backgrounds, as it will address the precarious and insecure employment status of many young people.

Whilst we were of course pleased to see a strong focus on COVID management and recovery to support all Victorians, we were disappointed that no announcements were made today regarding the Victorian Youth Strategy, nor the Victorian Anti-Racism Strategy. As essential initiatives that support multicultural young people, we will continue to work closely with the State Government to advance these initiatives, continuing to push for stronger commitment and investment.

Carmel Guerra, CMY CEO

The youth- and multicultural-specific budget announcements include:

  • Empower Youth Program: $1.7m over two years
  • Youth crime prevention:  $4.5m for 12-month continuation of existing programs
  • Children’s Court diversion program including expansion of central after hours assessment and bail service: $11m over two years
  • Jobs for young people in sport and recreation: $1.3m over two years
  • International student travel concession pass: $2m over two years
  • Enhance Navigator program: expansion and a pilot to extend it to young people aged 10 – 11 years: $36m over four years
  • Student health and wellbeing programs continued and enhanced: $11.4m over four years
  • English as a Second Language: enhanced funding of $23.5m over two years
  • Diversion from youth justice: Four initiatives funded to divert children and young people from the justice system including expansion of the central after-hours assessment and bail service, after hours Children’s Court service, and additional Aboriginal youth justice hubs: $11m over two years
  • African Communities Action Plan: $4.4m

To learn more about the Victorian State Budget 2022-23 released today, visit https://www.budget.vic.gov.au/media/450