Sector and Community Partnerships

We cultivate sector and community partnerships across local government, sports, health, education, employment, justice and settlement sectors to drive the development of more inclusive services for young people.

We also deliver a range of services and resources including training and professional development, secondary consultations and resources that equip services with a framework for developing good practice and provide individual workers with greater knowledge and confidence to work with young people. 


Capacity Building

We recognise that a number of sectors (i.e. settlement services, youth work sector, education providers, specialist health services, local governments, etc.) play a critical role in facilitating successful settlement for newly arrived young people of migrant and refugee backgrounds. For the past 25 years, we have worked with organisations and sectors to build the capacity of service providers to meet the needs and requirements of young people. We do this by supporting advocacy activities, providing training opportunities and encouraging and facilitating cross-sector partnerships. This work ensures that young people have access to a range of appropriate support and services. It also promotes and fosters innovation and development of strength-based and responsive models that facilitate sustainable change.

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How do we do it?

CMY uses an evidence-based approach to inform its capacity building strategies which include:

  • Identifying emerging youth issues and improving best practice through the coordination of the Victorian Youth Settlement Network.
  • Facilitating dialogue and developing recommendations for improved outcomes on issues relevant to young people from diverse backgrounds through state wide forums leading to a more informed and connected sector.
  • Working with sporting associations and the sports sector to improve organisational approaches to inclusion and participation of young people. 
  • Providing training and intensive support to organisations working with young people to improve skills and capacity of individual workers and improve planning and delivery of services.
  • Targeting local government areas experiencing particular challenges through the provision of information, training, support, consultations and advice.


Where we work?

CMY partners with a vast range of organisations, agencies and sectors and as such works a number of local government areas in Victoria. CMY’s work takes place in the following metropolitan local government areas:

  • Casey
  • Hume
  • Melton
  • Whittlesea
  • Wyndham
  • Brimbank
  • Dandenong

CMY has regional offices in Gippsland and Ballarat that provide a number of specialist support services, training and consultancy, knowledge sharing and advocacy programs.


Victorian Settlement Youth Network (VSYN)

The VSYN is a state-wide network that brings together stakeholders working on operational and/or strategic levels with issues impacting on newly arrived migrant and refugee young people. This can include staff engaged in direct service delivery, project implementation, policy development, education service providers, advocacy and research. CMY has been facilitating the VSYN since October 2013 with funding from the Department of Social Services. The network meets on a quarterly basis. The VSYN represents a membership that is committed to supporting, facilitating and advocating for the needs of newly arrived migrant and refugee young people.


Capacity Building in Local Government Areas

CMY works in local government areas (LGAs) with high or gradually increasing numbers of CALD communities. It may also include LGAs where the history of new arrival settlement is relatively new. The aim of CMY’s capacity building work in LGAs is to:

  • Identify emerging priority youth issues.
  • Plan, coordinate and deliver locally relevant services and programs.
  • Advocate for improved policy and service responses.
  • Consult with and establish a mechanism for bringing stakeholders together to identify issues, service gaps and potential ways forward.
  • Deliver professional development and capacity building activities for workers and organisations. 


CMY and Sport

CMY recognises that sport is an effective tool for engaging young people from migrant and refugee communities and has over 16 years’ experience in facilitating participation in sport.  Using an organizational capacity building approach, CMY aims to create a more inclusive and responsive sports sector that is attuned to the needs of refugee and migrant young people, in order to increase their access and ongoing participation in sport and recreation. CMY is currently involved with two projects through VicHealth and Sport and Recreation Victoria.

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CMY works closely with the following nine State Sporting Associations as part of the VicHealth State Sporting Association Participation Program (2011 – 2015):

  • Victorian Rugby Union, Victorian Rugby League, Softball Victoria, Volleyball Victoria, Netball Victoria, Tennis Victoria, Badminton Victoria, Cricket Victoria and Lifesaving Victoria.

Through a combination of group work and one on one consultant  type support, CMY assists  SSA’s to  develop and implement strategies that translate into meaningful engagement with  migrant and refugee communities.


Sport and Recreation Victoria

CMY is currently developing an online cultural awareness training package called ‘Game Plan: Engaging multicultural youth in sport’, funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria.  ‘Game Plan’ will provide a resource for sports clubs or other organisations looking to increase the participation of multicultural young people in sport. The modules will support learners to:

  • Build understanding of the experiences of people from migrant and refugee backgrounds
  • Increase knowledge of barriers for migrant and refugee backgrounds in accessing sport
  • Learn practical strategies for how to increase participation of migrant and refugee communities
  • Develop skills to engage and sustain participation of migrant and refugee communities.



MY Team Films

CMY has developed five short films funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria that portrays real stories of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds and their experiences in sport, and highlights success stories of State Sporting Associations and sports clubs committed to inclusive environments. It can be used as a resource for the sports sector and other organisations to encourage other sports or clubs and organisations to become inclusive. 

MY Team

Visit our Vimeo channel to watch short films about young people and sports:

YMNT - A young, multicultural netball team in Gippsland.

Refugees Saving Lives - The settlement story of an Afghan lifesaver.

Habib Speaks - The story of an Afghan footy player.

The All Stars - A young basketball team in Collingwood.