Getting It Right: Improving Co-Design Practice with Multicultural Young People

“Getting It Right: Improving Co-Design Practice with Multicultural Young People” is a guide that explores the challenges, gaps, and pitfalls of co-design from the perspective of multicultural youth. This document delves into the nuances of co-design, a collaborative process that integrates the lived experiences of multicultural youth with the expertise of service design professionals, to create more inclusive and innovative programs that truly reflect the needs of these young individuals.

The document emphasises the importance of authentic co-design, which requires a deep understanding of the principles that underpin meaningful collaboration, power dynamics, and the creation of solutions that are genuinely shaped by those with lived experience. It provides insights into the potential pitfalls of misinterpreting co-design as mere consultation and offers strategies to ensure that co-design initiatives are conducted ethically and effectively, leading to transformative outcomes for multicultural young people.

Through a mix of consultations, surveys, and literature reviews, CMY has gathered valuable feedback from multicultural youth, highlighting the benefits of co-design in promoting diversity, inclusion, and empowerment. The guide also outlines practical steps organisations can take to build their capacity for youth participation and co-design, from fostering a culture of empowerment to ensuring culturally responsive processes and transparent communication.

You can find the guide here: Getting it Right Improving co-design practice with multicultural young people