MY Family

MY Family is a suite of resources to support family services’ capacity to deliver family support programs to families from migrant and refugee backgrounds, to parent adolescents with more confidence.


Who are families from migrant and refugee backgrounds?

This includes families who parents were born overseas, or grandparents who were born overseas; have had a refugee or refugee like experiences; and/or count themselves to be culturally and linguistically diverse to mainstream Australian young people.

Families from migrant and refugee backgrounds are currently under represented in early intervention family services, yet often over represented in crisis services. 

Many parents from migrant and refugee backgrounds face additional pressures when parenting adolescents. Young people acculturate at a faster rate than their parents (parents often seek to keep young people attached to the family and their culture of origin and young people can struggle to balance pressures and expectations from their host culture with the expectations and desires of their families.

Applying a cross cultural approach to the issue of Intergenerational conflict can help us to understand the importance of families sharing their experiences and stories to build bonds and resolve issues which may lead to conflict.

Family support and youth services need to feel comfortable facilitating conversations about these issues with families from migrant and refugee backgrounds. Workers need the capacity to manage the dynamics of difference, to be able to adapt to and meet the needs of diverse cultural communities with which they work.


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Why work with families from migrant or refugee backgrounds?

How to work with families from migrant or refugee backgrounds