Culturally Responsive Practice and Youth Settlement Training

This training is designed to explore and develop the essential skills and knowledge required for effective work with young people from diverse backgrounds. Participants will improve their confidence and capacity to provide a culturally inclusive and responsive service for young people.

“Very valuable session that has helped me as a person, and us as an organisation, identify some significant areas for improvement…”

Training participant

Who is this training for?

Our Culturally Responsive Practice training is suitable for anyone working with multicultural young people, their families and communities. Previous participants have included librarians, coaches, committees, case managers, youth workers, social workers, volunteers and other front-line staff as well as managers.

We also offer a limited number of open (individual) training opportunities per year on pre-set dates, with a limit of three people per organisation able to attend.

We provide professional development for practitioners across a range of sectors including government, business, education, health, welfare, justice, and sports and recreation.

“The work CMY did exceeded our expectations. The aim was to get staff to think differently on working with a diverse community. The concepts and ideas allowed staff to effectively explore bias in understanding others – community and selves. We know it has made a difference and we have used the training in ongoing discussions with staff.

Jane McKellar Brimbank Libraries

Training modules

1. Culturally Responsive Practice in working with multicultural young people (3 ½ hours)

  • Explore concepts of culture and identity
  • Explore the cultural competency framework
  • Reflect on cross-cultural interactions and communication skills
  • Identify and apply cultural competency practice strategies to support effective work with young people
  • Case studies, activities, small group discussions, and more

2. Young People and Settlement (2 ½ hours)

  • Identify key pre-settlement experiences for young people, particular those with a refugee background
  • Explore factors which impact on good settlement for young people
  • Identify and apply strategies for supporting good settlement
  • Case studies, activities, small group discussions, and more

3. National Youth Settlement Framework (Full day)

  • The National Youth Settlement Framework (NYSF) is designed to support a targeted and consistent approach to addressing needs of newly-arrived young people
  • The NYSF provides conceptual and practical information as well as additional resources.
  • This training enables practitioners to assist young people to reach their potential as active citizens in Australian society