By whole-of-community we refer to engaging all levels of sectors, ensuring consistent messaging. CSUTR builds on the understanding that everyone, club officials, staff, coaches, referees, teachers, students, parents and young people, have a part to play in challenging racism in their communities.

This is a multi-site based project offering workshops and events for schools, sports clubs and community organisations.

This is a groundbreaking partnership between the Centre for Multicultural Youth, the Koorie Heritage Trust and the Immigration Museum.


CMY will be offering free workshops to Morwell schools, sport clubs and the community around cultural awareness, allyship, upstander/bystander behaviour, how to have difficult conversations, anti-racism, identity and belonging. The goal is for young people and community members to lead initiatives developing meaningful, consistent and sustainable anti-racism messaging to their communities.

For schools

For school staff:

  • Workshop part 1 – Policies and Culturally Responsive Practices
  • Workshop part 2 – How to have conversations about racism

For students:

  • Workshop – Anti-racism and How to be an ally
  • Workshop – Culture Makers Lab
  • Workshop – Exploring Identity and Belonging
  • Excursion to the Immigration Museum including a free guided tour

For parents and the school community:

  • Presentation on how to have conversations with your family about racism

For sport clubs

For club committees, coaches, umpires and volunteers:

  • Workshop – Culture in your club

For players:

  • Workshop – Anti-racism and how to be an ally

For parents:

  • Presentation – How to have conversations with your family about racism

Project Outcomes

Other resources

Our Community – Reflection Card Deck
A practical tool, the Reflection Card Deck promotes collaboration and discussion and encourages the identification of priority areas for positive change.

Anti-Racism Toolkit
This toolkit was developed as an additional action-based resource to support the anti-racism journey of the community Champions of the CSUTR project and the community more broadly.

Schools Standing up to Racism
A collaboration between the CMY and the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET), offering a range of resources to support schools to address racism and discrimination in their school environment.

Game Plan Resource Kit
The Game Plan Resource Kit provides information and ideas to support sports clubs to increase their cultural diversity– to attract and retain young people and families from migrant and refugee backgrounds as members, players, coaches, trainers and leaders.