Meet our 2019-20 Mary Danckert Youth Intern, Emmanuela Noi

Emmanuela Noi is CMY’s Mary Danckert Youth Intern 2019-20. We are very excited to have her as the newest addition to the Youth Leadership team. Emmanuela has a Bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies from the Australian Catholic University and has been an active volunteer in a range of leadership programs to explore issues of gender-based violence, climate justice for women and justice and policing. 

“I was looking to enter a role where you have the opportunity to learn, as a recent graduate there’s always more to learn too,” she said about what prompted her to apply for the coveted role.

“What’s unique about this opportunity is that the main focus is that you learn from working in different parts of the organisation. I couldn’t resist the opportunity!”

Emmanuela will be working across the Youth Advisory Group and Shout Out programs as well as coordinating communications with young people including the distribution of The Mix e-newsletter. As part of the internship, Emmanuela will also be exploring her learning objectives and how they align with the work of CMY. 

“I’m looking forward to the access that I’ll have to different parts of the organisation. I’m interested to learn about project management, a little bit about policy and how to address some of the issues that CMY engages with,” she said.

“From my previous volunteer experience, I’ve found that I’m passionate about gender equity and I want to work around youth mental health, as well as support the development of programs for youth that have come into contact with the justice system.”

Future plans

An avid reader, Emmanuela would like to gain more policy-related understanding around her areas of interest.

“I think my future plans would include getting more knowledge about some of the processes that go on when you’re trying to address issues. Maybe gain more insight into issues such as children and the justice system, also working with young women. Also, gain a policy perspective and project management perspective of youth mental health.”