Gariwerd Adventure Day Out

In 2020, we received funding through Gandel Philanthropy that enabled young people across Ballarat, Horsham and Nhill to participate in the ASC Active Social Creative project. 

ASC provided opportunities to:

  • Increase young people’s understanding of “mental health and positive well-being”
  • Highlight the barriers to seeking support
  • Encourage help-seeking behaviour
  • Increase knowledge of support services available in our regions
  • Through youth-led activities – identify issues in our communities and design responses to support our young people

Nine Mental Health Ambassadors across three towns were recruited to lead teams of three young people who would focus on our Active Live, Our Social Life and Our Creative Life.

A range of activities and training sessions (mostly online due to the covid-19 pandemic) took place including a weekend trip to the Anglesea YMCA camp – when there was an opportunity to do so – between lockdowns.  At the end of this camp, young people decided that a highlight of the weekend had been the team challenges, meeting new people and learning more about everyone in the group.  They wanted more of this!

A “Gariwerd Adventure Day Out” at Roses Gap Recreation Centre was planned….and postponed on four occasions due to Covid restrictions.  Finally….in April 2022, it all went ahead – woohoooo!

17 Young People from Ballarat, Horsham and Nhill boarded three mini buses and met in the Grampians (Gariwerd) for the day.   Teamwork, supporting each other, overcoming fear, and building confidence … while in a beautiful natural outdoor setting.  What a perfect way to wrap up the ASC project.

“I enjoyed spending time and talking to everyone. I liked how we were outdoors and doing physical activities, and I liked how well everyone got along with one another.   It’s hard to say what my favourite part of the day was because I enjoyed every bit of it, but I do have to say that the rope swing was the highlight. Went on about 3 times all the way to the top and I loved it.”

Oh Pweh Moo

“I was able to meet people from other towns.  It was great how everyone encouraged team work and helped each other.  The giant swing was awesome!”