Game Changers: More powerful together through sport

When you think about getting sportspeople together in a room, do you ever think that the room will have more women than men in it?

At Game Changers’ first workshop session this year that is exactly what happened!

Passionate young sportswomen outnumbered the men, as they caught up with their volunteer mentors and representatives from sports clubs to brainstorm ideas for projects to get more young women like themselves into sport.

After a day of workshops on leadership, project management and team building, the young women met with their mentors and discussed their project ideas. From there, they will meet up regularly over the next 10 – 12 weeks, work together with club representatives and develop their idea into a full-fledged project. The focus of the projects will be on increasing accessibility and attracting and retaining more multicultural young women in their chosen sport.

We cannot wait to see what they come up with! Watch this space for more.

We also caught up with some of the participants from the sessions and here’s what they had to say:

Orman, Year 12 student, and soccer coach, plays for Dandenong Tigers 

“I started playing soccer when I was 10 and I’ve been coaching since I was 15. I was school team captain in primary school. And I also coach other young women in my community.” 

About Game Changers

“It’s really interesting to meet other women like me who love sport but don’t get the opportunity to play as much as they would like to.”

“We learned so many cool things like the values needed to be a good leader. Leadership is not a position you can have, it is an action, you need to do it.”

“The program will help me impact others who don’t like sport. Back in my country (South Sudan), girls don’t have the opportunity to play. I want to get more girls involved.”

About future plans

“I want to go to university and become a journalist. I will continue to play soccer though. I could do both!

Shraddha with her teammates Bonika and Smriti

Shraddha, soccer player, club representative from United Football Club and Treasurer for the women’s team

“From the stuff discussed in the sessions, I can already see some of the things that we sometimes forget to do in the team in the heat of the game.”

About Game Changers

“The program will hopefully help me find out more about my teammates and what they are passionate about.”

“It will help me develop values for the team, and attract and retain more players. I already have great ideas from hearing about what the other mentors have done!

Tamanah, (Youngest and most enthusiastic participant!) Year 9 student and avid lover of all things sport

“I can’t decide what my favourite sport is, I love them all! I even play Rounders!”

“I love Math and English and I’m not sure how I feel about Science.”

About Game Changers

“I heard about the program from my mother who is very active in the community. I brought my younger sister along too!”

“Game Changers is great! I loved learning about the different characteristics that a leader should have.”

“I’m an action-orientated person. I have to get it done as soon as I think of an idea, so I cannot wait to get started on my project idea!”

About future plans

“I would love to become a sportswoman! I just can’t decide on which sport, maybe I can play them all!”

Bella, photography teacher at university, soccer player and mentor to young synchronised swimmers

“I play a lot of soccer. I started when I was seven.”

“Team sports are great to build a sense of community, especially for those who’re newly-arrived.”

About Game Changers

“I’m here because I love saying yes to things! But mostly because I want women of any size and from any background to feel like they can get moving and get active and feel positive about their bodies.”

“I want to use all the resources I have to help achieve this for as many women as possible .”

Special thanks to Victorian government’s Change our Game initiative for the support.