“Awa” intercultural choir project

Staying connected while physically distancing is a challenge we have all been facing in 2020.

We recently launched the “Awa” video clip (check it out below) which was the culmination of months of rehearsals with more than 60 participants from Ballarat, Horsham, Nhill and Ghana.

“Awa” is a traditional song from Ghana, with the lyrics (in the Fante dialect) translating to, “I’m excited to hug you” – very fitting for our current global situation. This intercultural choir project was delivered as a way of keeping young people connected through the COVID-19 lockdown in Victoria.

This project was supported by our Musical Director Stella Savvy of CocoSounds, with members of CMY Ballarat/Wimmera, video and sound production by Rex and Bella Hardware, and funded by Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet.