CMY Gippsland host Summer Carnival 2024

On the 24th January 2024, CMY Gippsland and community partners Melbourne FC and Crimestoppers hosted a soccer carnival at Gippsland Sport & Entertainment Park in Morwell. The event brought local young people from different backgrounds together to play sport and have fun, whilst cultivating the capacity to form healthy, meaningful connections.

The summer carnival aimed to build a sense of belonging within the community, encouraging participants to feel an integral part of a larger collective, where young people can actively engage in discussions centered on multiculturalism. It was an opportunity for local young people to participate in a range of activities based on sport, team building skills, community connection and safety.

CMY staff facilitated conversations, exploring the essence of ‘inclusive practices’ and what this looks like on and off the pitch. Events of this nature bear significant importance as they bring together a diverse array of young people on common ground. Open conversations assist in transcending various backgrounds and differences, with all participants converging around a common course- their shared love for sports. Young people are provided with the opportunity to enjoy a day filled with fun and interactive activities but also cultivate the capacity to form healthy and meaningful connections.

Sport plays an integral part in creating a sense of belonging within a community, encouraging participants to be an integral part of a larger collective. Standout moments at the carnival observed young people actively engaging in discussions centered on multiculturalism, centering their voices and lived experience in evolving conversations around key issues.

Service provider partners Latrobe Youth Space, Gippsport and Victoria Police joined in on festivities and helped wrap up the event with prizes and giveaways.