Spotlight on wellbeing in Gippsland

CMY’s Regional Presence Project team attended three community events over three weeks in Gippsland to promote mental health and wellbeing.

On 30th August, the team visited the Traralgon Collage Junior Campus for a Wellbeing Expo. The following week on 6th September, the Traralgon Collage Senior Campus hosted the same event with CMY in attendance alongside other local service providers and organisations.  

The week after on 14th September, CMY’s Gippsland team attended Lowanna College’s R U OK? Day event, which allowed the team to interact with students and have meaningful conversations on mental health, well-being and other important topics relevant to young people.   

During these three school events, CMY facilitated two activities. One was a sensory activity focusing on smell and touch which required students to smell and touch different ingredients and materials—like orange peel, cinnamon, cotton and rice—and then guess what they were interacting with. This activity showed students how they can use their senses to stay grounded and present, which can be useful in overwhelming situations.  

The second activity focussed on identity. Print-outs displayed the text, “I am”, and the young people were asked to write down four strengths and personal qualities. This activity encouraged practicing positive self-reflection, promoting positive self-esteem and self-confidence.  

CMY Multicultural Youth Workers Rebecca Bursell said it was great to the see the engagement, curiosity and excitement from the students across the three school campuses.

“These kinds of school events are important because it allows local organisations to interact with young people in a familiar environment to them,” she said. “We were able to show that young people’s mental health and wellbeing are a priority for us, and had many meaningful conversations with the students themselves about the best way to support them.”