Explore Researchers to investigate digital participation amongst refugee & migrant background youth

This month, CMY will commence a new project exploring digital technology accessibility for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds. CMY’s Explore Youth Researchers will support the project, working alongside Deakin University and Western Sydney University, through the Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies consortium.

The team will investigate the opportunities and challenges facing young people regarding digital participation across areas of employment, education, connection and wellbeing.

“Technology is so much a part of our lives that we rarely stop to think about what it might be like if we couldn’t access it the way we need to. But this is the case for many people from refugee or migrant backgrounds,” says Research Professor Anita Harris from Deakin.

A principle aim of the project is to co-design, implement and evaluate culturally-appropriate and youth-centred resources and strategies to help make digital technology more accessible.

Based on key project findings, the resources produced will be provided to youth-facing organisations to help inform the development of program, policy and outreach initiatives for young people.

“An exciting part about this project is that the tools and resources produced will support organisations that work with young people every day, like CMY. They will help us learn more about how the technology gap can be bridged,” says Soo-Lin Quek, CMY Executive Manager – Knowledge, Advocacy and Service Innovation.

The effectiveness of the resources to support youth-facing organisations will be measured as part of the project. Specifically, the researchers will assess evidence of any changes to relevant procedures, policies, and approaches, alongside their ability to support improved digital participation outcomes for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds.

The project is funded by VicHealth with support from the Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies, and will run from August 2021 through to July 2023.