Cultural Fiesta with CMY Gippsland

This year, Cultural Diversity Week was held 18 to 24 March 2024. The theme for the year explored ‘Our Shared Stories – Celebrating Together’, inviting communities to weave a tapestry of vibrant experiences. The powerful theme goes beyond individual narratives, encouraging us to recognise and celebrate the beautiful intersections that enrich our culturally diverse state. Whether it’s a cherished childhood memory or a journey across continents, each story holds the potential to ignite connection and understanding.

In celebration of Diversity Week, CMY Gippsland and partners Gippsport and the United Muslim Sisters of Latrobe Valley Inc. held a colourful Cultural Fiesta. CMY Gippsland’s Cultural Fiesta celebration welcomed young people in the region to connect through an array of carefully curated cultural experiences.

In a dynamic mix of traditional art and craft activities, attendees explored the ancient art of Henna as well as traditional artistic crafts inspired by Bo Sang Umbrellas.

Attendees of all ages also learn about and played a friendly competitive game of ‘Kho Kho’ – a sport from South Eastern Asia, hosted by the United Muslim Sisters.

A delicious array of global treats were shared in a wonderful opportunity for the community to converge, exchange stories and revel in the vibrant diversity that defines Gippsland. The community came together to share and celebrate their enriched multicultural community.

The Cultural Fiesta wasn’t just an event; it was a momentous opportunity for the community to converge, exchange stories and revel in the vibrant tapestry of diversity that defines Gippsland.

Rebecca Bursell, CMY Multicultural Youth Worker

Together attendees had the opportunity to celebrate the unique threads that weave a collective story, strengthening the bonds that enrich the vibrant Gippsland community.