Cultural Day at Trafalgar High

On the 1st of August, Trafalgar High School’s first Cultural Day, inspired by CMY’s Culture Clubs, was held to celebrate culture at the school.

Since the beginning of the year, CMY’s Regional Presence Project team in Gippsland has been delivering Culture Clubs at Trafalgar High, a cultural awareness program designed to teach students about the importance of cultural identities.

One of the sessions inspired a student leader who came up with the idea to organise a day dedicated to celebrating culture at their school. CMY’s Gippsland team spent a few months meeting with the student leaders to guide them on how to organise and run a fun and inclusive event.

This inspiring youth-led event saw the school’s students donning casual clothes related to their cultural heritage, playing trivia with fun facts about different cultures, and trying new foods from around the world. The CMY team had a stall in the event that asked students where they would like to travel to, and brought a local henna artist to engage with the students.

School captain Peace Ijiyera said that the Cultural Day was a resounding success.

“Being school captain this year, I really want to make a difference and do something that’s fun and exciting that everyone can enjoy,” she said.

“We have CMY helping us…they run culture clubs at this school fortnightly. We thought it would be really cool to partner with them and make this a big event.”

CMY’s Regional Presence Project supports young people in rural and regional areas to settle well and feel connected to their local community by strengthening participation in school, work, family and community.

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