CMY’s latest work in Family Violence

CMY’s Youth Support team has been working with, addressing and responding to family violence across our work in the community sector, undertaking work in the Gender Equity, Healthy and Safe Relationship space over the past few years through various programs. 

Working with numerous partner organisations throughout the years, CMY is proud to have expanded its Family Violence portfolio into research as well as service delivery. CMY’s latest work has involved the development of a framework for recognising and responding to multicultural young people experiencing family violence, as well as program delivery in the Adolescent Family Violence (AVITH) space. Our work has included:  

  • Contextualising and understanding the causes of violence when we are talking about young people from multicultural communities;
  • Providing an intersectional and trauma informed lens to the work;
  • Managing Family Violence risk and recognising the unique experiences of each young person and family we work with; 
  • Whole of family work in addressing how harmful behaviour has ripple effects in the home, community and beyond;
  • Providing an integrated response to young people and their support systems with the aim of reducing conflict and addressing harm;
  • Meeting young people ‘where they are at’ in providing innovative and creative methods of engagement, and therapeutic interventions;
  • Co-location in the service delivery areas linking in with youth clubs, parenting groups and wider community engagement; and 
  • Co-working alongside key youth and family services to provide holistic, wraparound support.

‘I need to know you’re safe’ Framework

CMY and Anglicare Victoria recently launched the latest youth-informed practice framework for engaging multicultural young people experiencing family violence.

The ‘I need to know you’re safe’ framework highlights the lived experience, needs and challenges of multicultural young people when accessing the family violence service system. Drawing on consultations with multicultural young people and family violence practitioners, the framework elevates the voices of multicultural young people and identifies how the wider service system can better support their engagement.

This framework was developed as part of Family Safety Victoria’s ‘Working Together’ project and follows the release of the Family Violence policy paper, ‘Better the devil you know than the system you don’t understand’.

You can access the full framework, a 1-page resource and a short implementation guide below. These resources are designed to help community organisations and practitioners get the most out of the framework, enabling you to learn together and put the framework into action.

Download the latest framework on our Knowledge Hub.