CMY joins call on PM to ensure #NobodyLeftBehind during COVID-19

The Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) has joined a call from over 185 civil society organisations to extend critical COVID-19 support to temporary visa holders, including refugees and people seeking asylum, to ensure nobody is left behind.

In an open letter sent to the Prime Minister Scott Morrison this week, the group outlined their concerns that 1.1 million temporary visa holders across the country are in precarious situations as COVID-19 unfolds, with no access to JobKeeper or JobSeeker, limited access to Medicare, and visa insecurity. The broad cross-section of organisations is calling on the Prime Minister, Treasurer and Minister for Families and Social Services to address these gaps.

In joining the call led by the Refugee Council of Australia, CEO Carmel Guerra said CMY is deeply concerned that some of the most vulnerable young people and families in our community are unable to access basic support during such a difficult time.

“As the Australian Government is developing support packages to assist people during COVID-19 and beyond, in the recovery phase, we really need to ensure this support is extended to all members of our community,” Carmel Guerra said.

“In such a difficult and uncertain time, any efforts to rebuild must include a strong focus on those in our community who already experience disadvantage, to ensure they are not left behind.”

Read the open letter & add your support for #NobodyLeftBehind