CEO Message: Federal Election 2022

Targeted investment in young people is critical for Australia’s prosperity.

We are now entering the final days of the election campaign. Like many of you, through our National body MYAN Australia, we have been busy advocating to all Parties to give greater focus and attention to multicultural young people.

Against a backdrop of unprecedented social and economic upheaval, it is crucial that young people can see that their interests and concerns are understood by politicians. Young people will shoulder much of the long term economic and social consequences of the pandemic, their wellbeing superseded by short term economic and equity considerations.

There are real concerns for our youth population and particularly for those who face barriers to economic, social and civic participation. The impact on all aspect of their lives — education, employment, mental health, social and family relationships — is profound.

The young people MYAN Australia spoke to feel they are not heard, listened to, or valued by our political parties. Yet, our multicultural youth population is an integral and important contributor to the social and economic fabric of the Australian community. We have supported hundreds of young people across the country to reach out to their local members and ask them about their vision for young people.

Young people are the experts in their own lives and should create and advise on solutions that will address issues that affect them.

To whichever party wins government this Saturday, we urge you to recognise that this is a crucial time to work with young people to install a vision of a future that they feel hopeful and confident in.

See the MYAN Australia election platform here

If you require support with voting this election, visit the Australia Electoral Commission: