Shout Out

What is Shout Out?

Shout Out is an innovative leadership program that trains and nurtures young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to share their experiences and perspectives on issues they are most passionate about with a wide variety of audiences. While there are many specialist voices willing to talk about youth issues, we think it’s often more insightful and meaningful to hear from the real experts – young people!

By training young people in public speaking and connecting them to speaking opportunities at a range of public forums, Shout Out empowers and enables young people to be active citizens and actively promote positive perceptions of young people as respected and influential members of our communities.

What is involved?

Shout Out involves an initial intensive training weekend that will cover topics such as leadership, storytelling, professionalism and self care as public speakers, followed by a presentation afternoon where speakers will have an opportunity to present to CMY staff and leadership team, ongoing speaking opportunities, individual speaker support, regular catch-ups and professional development. 

To book a speaker and for more information, please click the button below or contact Shabnam Safa: 0400 085 584 or on 

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Shout Out is expanding with a Mental Health specialisation!

CMY is developing a specialized extension of the Shout Out program to help address the stigma of mental illness. The initiative will engage young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds to amplify their voices share their lived experiences and add depth and fresh perspectives conversations about mental health. Speakers in the mental health specialization will be provided with specific training and support from CMY and mental service providers to co-design and co-deliver safe and culturally-relevant conversations through workshops at secondary and tertiary educational institutions 

When and Where?

  • June onwards: Speaking and workshop opportunities will begin and provided on an ongoing basis around Melbourne