Schools Standing Up to Racism is a resource designed to support schools in addressing racism and discrimination in their school environment.

The resource was developed in collaboration between the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) and the Victorian Department of Education and is freely available by visiting:

Professional Learning for School Staff

CMY offers two workshops to support the implementation of the Schools Standing Up to Racism resource. These workshops are designed for a group of up to 25 staff. We recommend this group being comprised of school leadership and wellbeing staff, who will be responsible for leading anti-racism work within the school community.

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Workshop 1: Getting Started and Shared Understanding

This workshop discusses the prevalence and impacts of racism on children and young people and provides an overview of culture and identity, and its relevance to anti-racism. This workshop accommodates up to 25 participants.

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • Understanding of prevalence of racism in schools and impacts on young people
  • Knowledge of proactive approaches to addressing racism in a school setting
  • Awareness of different forms of racism and how they can impact young people
  • Identify areas within action planning and school policy where anti-racism interventions could be embedded.

Workshop 2: Conversations about Racism in Schools

This workshop provides tools and suggestions for creating a safe space to facilitate conversations about racism in schools, including discussions and sample activities that can be used with staff and students. This workshop accommodates up to 25 participants.

Expected learning outcomes include:

  • Knowledge of barriers to having conversations about racism in schools
  • Awareness of strategies for creating safe spaces to discuss racism
  • Understanding of how to implement Schools Standing up to Racism tools.

Additional Supports for Schools

Following the completion of these two workshops, schools have the option of booking an Information Session, which can be delivered to the rest of the staff body to support a shared understanding of key concepts and resource. This session accommodates up to 150 participants.

The resources and workshops aim to support schools to create safe spaces in which to build the intercultural awareness and understanding to proactively discuss and address racism and discrimination.

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