How much time do I need to be a YRIPP volunteer?

To be a YRIPP volunteer, you need to choose a minimum of 12 hours a week to be on the roster. You may not be called during these 12 hours but you need to be available to attend a police station if you are called. YRIPP suggests that volunteers allocate at least 20 hours a week, at a variety of times in order to get a call-out each week.  eg one weekend shift from 6pm-6am and one weekday shift from 6am-6pm. Volunteers need to commit to being a volunteer for a minimum of 12 months after the initial training period.

How does the YRIPP roster work?

YRIPP has an online roster system that all volunteers can access with a login and password. Volunteers need to regularly update their roster so that they are ready to receive a call. Independent Persons work on a 24 hour on-call roster which is split up into 2 shifts (6am to 6pm and 6pm to 6am). YRIPP usually requires volunteers to be available on call for a minimum of one shift per week. This doesn’t mean that you will be at a police station for the whole 12 hours; it just means that you would be available if a young person requires an Independent Person in that time.

The roster is flexible and you have choice about when and how often you are on roster. For example, you may choose to be rostered on three shifts per week, a Wednesday from 6pm to 6am, a Sunday 6am to 6pm, and a Monday 6am to 6pm. You can still work, rest and play during your roster shift, you just need to have access to your phone and car and be ready to travel to the police station on your roster.

Even though you are on three shifts, you may only receive a call-out once a month or depending or depending on how busy the nearest police stations are, you may receive a call every week. YRIPP staff can give you an indication of how busy a particular police station is and how regularly you might get a call.

Some areas are not busy for YRIPP. The more shifts you are on, the more likely you are to get called out. You can be rostered onto all police stations that you can usually get to within 20 minutes travel time.

How long do volunteers spend at the police station each time?

The length of time a volunteer spends at a police station with a young person varies from between one hour to anything up to 8 hours. The average is about 3 hours. How many callouts you receive a month depends upon the days and times you are rostered on and how many other volunteers are on the roster. If you cannot accept a callout at a particular time the request will go to the next available person on the system. Volunteers are generally asked to travel to police stations that are within 20 minutes of their home.