Amplifying the voices of young people in mental health.

REVERB was initiated by CMY’s Youth Advisory Group in 2018, who saw the need for a mental health and wellbeing program to address the stigma of mental health in multicultural communities.  

From 2020-2021 REVERB was funded by the Gandel Foundation and evaluated by ACIL Allen. Read their findings below and the full report here.

REVERB consists of three types of workshops:

  • Youth and student workshops
  • Professional development for service providers working with young people (mental health service providers, school staff, youth workers, etc)
  • Community Conversations for families, carers, and parents

Currently available workshops:

1. Young people and student workshop

Mental Health and Wellbeing workshops designed and delivered for young people by young people.

Young people will have the opportunity to hear other young people’s experiences of overcoming mental ill health and learn from practical, participant-led strategies that encourage better mental health outcomes. The workshops can be delivered online or face-to-face. We can be flexible to your needs but our workshops usually run for 60-90 minutes.

Our workshops are co-designed and facilitated by youth facilitators from multicultural backgrounds, who have been trained in facilitation, holding meaningful conversations, and use of language surrounding mental health.

What is included?

  • Two youth facilitators to deliver the workshops and share stories about overcoming ill mental health
  • Introductory strategies for young people to connect, reflect and process emotions
  • Local support services and self-care resources and activities available to young people
  • Workshop materials and resources
  • CMY staff member to be present at the workshop and follow up with students, if required

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2. Professional development for service providers working with young people (mental health service providers, school staff, youth workers, etc)

In this 2.5 hour professional development workshop we address the underrepresentation of multicultural young people accessing mental health services. Our workshop is co-designed and co-facilitated by youth volunteers from migrant and refugee backgrounds, who are trained in facilitation, have lived experiences in accessing mental health services, and have an understanding of cultural nuances when discussing mental health in their communities.

In this session, co-facilitated by young people, we will:

  • Share knowledge of the complexity and stigma around mental health in multicultural communities
  • Explore personal and organisational bias
  • Reflect on the barriers multicultural young people face in accessing services
  • Share good practice for engaging multicultural young people in mental health service delivery

Download the Professional Development Workshop Flyer

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REVERB was a co-designed project with young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds, CMY, and mental health service providers. By amplifying the voices of young people and sharing their lived experiences, REVERB tackles stigma and supports help-seeking behaviours in young people.

Evidence of need
REVERB meets a gap in prevention programs that address mental health in culturally diverse communities. Young people, schools, and service providers identified the increasing need for this type of initiative.

The REVERB program accesses a lot of people who don’t come [to our service]. And if we are to grow and change… then we need to hear from the people who are not coming in to access services.

Service Provider

Evidence-based design

The success of REVERB is linked to being youth-led and co-designed, emphasising the voices of young people. The program is designed so that:

  • young people’s experiences are valued equally with professional experience
  • youth volunteers share in the decision-making
  • young people actively participate

[Young people delivering] was what attracted my students to be a part of the program…They can empathise with it a lot more this way…. They could see that these people are just like me … and the way that I feel can be totally normal.


REVERB built the capacity of youth volunteers to lead change through:

  • facilitating groups
  • speaking in public
  • encouraging help-seeking behavior

Why young people joined the co-design program:

For information, resources, and videos on another co-designed mental health literacy project undertaken in 2020-21, please click here.

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