WINNER - Outstanding Young Volunteer: Paw K’Pru Say Kaw

Paw K’Pru Say Kaw - WINNER

Edmund Rice Community & Refugee Services- Sunshine Harvester Primary School OSHLSP

Paw is a Year 11 student who supports ERCRS’s OSHLSP at Sunshine Harvester Primary School through her own school, Braybrook College. She has also volunteered on several occasions to support Sunshine students on excursions during school holidays and at weekends. The students enrolled in the OSHLSP have a refugee, asylum seeker or new migrant background. Paw is a new migrant herself, having arrived in Australia in 2014. In her role as a peer tutor, Paw not only provides the literacy and numeracy support that the young students need, but is a positive role model, indirectly teaching social and interpersonal skills through her own behaviour. She is able to make students feel welcome and comfortable and has made a significant impact on their capacity and willingness to learn.