WINNER - Outstanding Primary Student: Mussab Kader

Mussab Kader - WINNER

Flemington Community Centre- Family Inclusive Language and Learning Support 

Mussab Kader is a 5-year-old student who attends the Family Inclusive Language and Learning Support (FILLS) program at Flemington Community Centre. Mussab often enters the Community Centre dancing, telling a story or proudly holding onto a Student of the Week certificate.  He has excellent self-awareness and regularly shows initiative by supporting other students and helping them to understand a task or problem. Mussab’s kindness and empathy mean his peers are drawn to him, and he is a popular member of the program. His most requested activity is ‘Maths Snap’, he loves it so much he’ll often ask to do more maths at the end of the session instead of playing a game! His laugh and smile are contagious and his happiness has a positive effect on anyone who is lucky enough to meet him!