WINNER - Outstanding Community-run OSHLSP: Flemington Homework Club - Jesuit Social Services

Flemington Homework Club- Jesuit Social Services - WINNER

The Flemington Homework Club is part of Jesuit Social Services’ work of empowering some of the most marginalised members of our community to realise their potential. The program commenced in 2004 in response to an emerging need in the Flemington area to promote the engagement of young people in their education. The bulk of students come from newly-arrived migrant families, largely originating from the Horn of Africa region, with many having refugee family backgrounds. Currently, there are 59 registered students who participate regularly in the program. The Homework Club offers these students the benefit of volunteer tutors who can offer guidance and support for homework tasks which parents or guardians may be unable to provide. Students who attend the program develop positive social connections, good study habits and confidence in learning.