The current media reporting and political commentary on the issues of youth crime in Victoria is deeply concerning to me as the CEO of the Centre for Multicultural Youth. We work with young people of... Read More
As Smart Justice for Young People has stated in their Blog today, changes to the Bail Act will prevent many children ending up in detention for technical, not serious breaches of bail conditions (e.g.... Read More
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The public perception of young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds is often associated with crime or offending behaviour. Unbalanced media stories sometimes reinforce these stereotypes. This p... Read More
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This report provides an overview summary of six studies undertaken on ‘ethnic youth gangs’ in the Melbourne metropolitan area over the period 1996-1998. The six specific reports in this series include... Read More
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The impact of violence on culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD) young men and indeed the entire community is unrefuted. CLD young men are both the victims and the perpetrators of behaviours that... Read More
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This report was prepared by the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVic) and CMY, in response to the discussion paper Practicallessons, fair consequences: Improving diversion for young people in Vic... Read More