Employment and Training

Ucan2 is a partnership between the Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) and Foundation House, and is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. It recognises the need t... Read More
We recently visited Asmaa Omer, an Employment Empowers program participant at her workplace, IKEA, to chat about how life is going now, a year since she joined the program. Asmaa is an Eritrean Austra... Read More
Like a growing number of young people, Shadab Safa was a 21-year-old university student struggling to find employment. After completing high school, he started his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce at Mon... Read More
Finding employment was a struggle for Ada Onyeka, who was studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design at Australian Catholic University. Ada talks about a common barrier many young people, like her,... Read More
In late March we celebrated the launch of our new Employment Empowers program at an event hosted by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers. Azmeena Hussain, Principal Lawyer at Maurice Blackburn, welcomed over 70... Read More
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CMY aims to ensure that young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds have every opportunity to succeed in Australia. We believe diversity is the cornerstone of Australia’s success, that respect f... Read More
This in-depth training explores the essential skills and knowledge required for effective work with young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds. Interactive materials and exercises are designed... Read More
The Mary Danckert Internship is named after CMY’s Youth Support Manager who worked at CMY from 2005-2013. Now in its fifth cycle, the internship was established to reflect Mary’s passion and commitm... Read More
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Australia’s young people are more mobile and culturally diverse than ever before. While this brings many advantages, multicultural young people face challenges that are not well understood by the comm... Read More
One Roof Women: The Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) in partnership with The Wheeler Centre, and The Multicultural Centre for Women's Health (MCWH), is proud to present this three-day workshops se... Read More