Shout Out is an innovative public speakers agency that trains and nurtures young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds to share their experiences and views with a wider audience.

While there are many specialist voices willing to talk about youth issues, we think it’s often more insightful and meaningful to hear from the real experts – young people.

If you have an event, conference, workshop or meeting that would be enriched by a multicultural young person speaking passionately about a range of subjects, Shout Out can help. 

The Centre for Multicultural Youth and Shout Out are based in Melbourne, Victoria.


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Why Shout Out?

Young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds have a wealth of unique perspectives and fresh ideas to contribute to Australia’s rich diversity. However their voices are often stereotyped, marginalised or invisible in mainstream culture and this can damage their ability to feel like they belong.

Shout Out is an opportunity for young people to redress the balance and present their stories and experiences to audiences that may not usually have the chance to hear them.

Who is it for?

Our speakers have been trained to deliver fresh, engaging and thought provoking perspectives for a range of settings across Melbourne including:

  • Schools
  • Local Councils
  • Community events
  • Business and Corporate Sector
  • Community organisations and groups
  • State and Federal Government Departments

Our speakers:

  • Present on topics from their perspectives and experiences
  • Act as emcees for events
  • Deliver keynote speeches
  • Act as panel members
  • Provide comment for media outlets

Examples of topics:

  • Multiculturalism / Cultural Diversity
  • Education
  • Refugee Experience / Journey / Settlement
  • Asylum Seeker Experience
  • Participation / Volunteering / Leadership
  • Racism / Discrimination
  • Bullying
  • Identity and Belonging
  • Health and Wellbeing / Mental Health
  • Sport / Recreation
  • Empowering Women
  • Justice and Police
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Family Violence

Shout Out is expanding with a Mental Health specialisation!

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How does it work?

  1. Browse the speakers – get an idea of what our speakers can offer
  2. Decide what you want – what, when, where and how?
  3. Fill in the Speaker Request Form
  4. CMY will confirm a speaker
  5. CMY will put you in touch with a speaker
  6. You liaise with your speaker about the event.