RUNNER UP - Outstanding Young Volunteer: Najma Ahmed

Najma Ahmed – RUNNER UP

Kids Space in Yarra

When she was in primary school, Najma was a regular participant at the Kids Space in Yarra Reading Club. Najma is now in secondary school and has returned to the program as a volunteer tutor. She arrives early each week and helps the coordinator to set up by arranging tables and preparing snacks for the children. Najma’s role is to help students in Prep – Year 2 with their reading, writing, listening & speaking skills. She radiates happiness and positivity and has the ability to turn simple tasks like reading into a fun and engaging experience. Najma has developed strong relationships with the children and is a positive role model for all students who attend the program. Her love, compassion, care, patience and empathy are evident in all her interactions with the children. She inspires the reading club kids to feel like they are part of the big club family!