RUNNER UP - Outstanding Volunteer: David Pontin

David Pontin – RUNNER UP

Kensington Neighbourhood House Family Literacy Program

David Pontin is a retired teacher who brings over 40 years of experience in education to his work as a volunteer tutor. In his spare time, David enjoys writing and illustrating books for young readers, which he brings to the sessions for the children to ‘road test’. He often writes stories including the name of the child he is working with, as well as familiar landmarks from the Kensington and Flemington areas. Over the 2 years that David has been volunteering, he has helped, among others, a Prep child whose parents have very low-level English, a Grade 1 child with a speech impediment and he is currently assisting a Kurdish family. The children, the parents and the Kensington Neighbourhood House value David’s passion, expertise and dedication.