RUNNER UP - Outstanding Primary Student: Abdulaziz Adam

Abdulaziz Adam – RUNNER UP

Banksia Gardens Community Services- Study Group

Abdul is in Grade 6 and has been attending Banksia Gardens Study Group since 2014. He is an exceptional participant who demonstrates strong leadership skills and a talent for design and creativity. Abdul can get frustrated when he is challenged by his homework, but he doesn’t allow setbacks to impact his learning and always persists with the task at hand until he finds a solution. Abdul often completes his school work at home so that he can use his time at study group to work on creative ‘passion projects’. Some of his most notable projects include making crystal necklaces using hot glue sticks, creating a model of a waterfall and an impressive mosaic dragon with an electric LED light circuit for eyes! Abdul is responsible, dependable and honest and is always willing to provide help and encouragement to those around him.