Employment Empowers

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March 27, 2019

CMY aims to ensure that young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds have every opportunity to succeed in Australia. We believe diversity is the cornerstone of Australia’s success, that respect for everyone’s human rights is essential, and that everyone should be able to feel like they belong and can participate fully in society. For many migrant and refugee young people the first step to feeling that sense of belonging comes from securing a job. Finding work is often the number one priority of the young people we work with; employment enables them to achieve economic security and contributes to building a positive sense of identity. To support young people on this journey, CMY has developed the Employment Empowers program.

Employment Empowers is a response to the need for a better understanding of the requirements of both young, culturally diverse jobseekers and employers. In addition to working with young people experiencing barriers to finding work, Employment Empowers partners with employers who believe business can be a force for good and who are passionate about developing an inclusive and diverse workforce. The purpose of this publication is to give an overview of the challenges that refugee and migrant young people face when looking for employment in Australia, and to provide you with information on how you can be part of a growing number of people using the power of business to build a more welcoming Australia.

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2007-Present (Centre for Multicultural Youth)
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