Upcoming training at CMY

January 11, 2018

Do you work with young people from multicultural backgrounds? Does your organization struggle to cater for young people from diverse populations? There is an answer:

With 49% of Australia’s population born overseas or having one/both parents born overseas, and 12% of our population made up of youth, organisations in all sectors need to become savvy about working with young people from multicultural backgrounds.

Migrating to Australia brings its own challenges, even in adulthood. We must approach our work with young people with the knowledge that the complications of adolescence compound any barriers to settling in and making a successful new life.

In fact, ensuring young people are supported in their settlement journey is seen as essential to social cohesion and community harmony, as evidenced by the announcement of the Joint Standing Committee on Migration which conducted an inquiry into migrant settlement outcomes, with a particular focus on young people, in 2016.

The Centre for Multicultural Youth (CMY) builds the capacity of others to work with multicultural young people to create a more welcoming and open society, where those coming to build new lives within our borders are supported, encouraged and empowered to be active citizens. Through this work, we support community harmony and social cohesion, and help young people to build bright new lives here in their new home, Australia.

For over 25 years, CMY has shared its extensive knowledge and experience, helping to ensure that other organisations working with multicultural young people are as competent and confident in that work as possible. Our training helps to do just that with suitable sessions for all types of organisations across all sectors.

“We use stories, case studies and a range of methods to discuss the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to work in culturally competent ways,” explains Linette Harriott,CMY’s Sector Support & Youth Leadership Co-ordinator, who leads and delivers the training sessions.

The sessions are designed to help participants explore concepts of culture and identity, develop a framework for cultural competency and identify factors that affect settlement for young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds

Participant feedback

“Excellent! Informative and engaging. Valuable and will be used thoughtfully and ongoing to develop,” said one of the participants.

“I really enjoyed today’s training and feel it has supported me in helping my clients. It has made me more aware of the various cultures and subcultures I am working with.”

From Cultural Competency to learning about Young People and their Settlement Journeys to Australia, CMY’s expert trainers will shed light on the complex life stages and situations of young people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, and how organisations working with them can build better support mechanisms.

CMY is offering two comprehensive training sessions or our experienced trainers can come to you for customised, in-house sessions:

For more information or to make a booking, drop us a line on training@cmy.net.au