Supporting the mental health of young people from refugee backgrounds

October 5, 2015

This Mental Health Month, CMY has made a submission to the Victorian Government's 10 Year Mental Health Plan.

CMY welcomes the opportunity to provide input into the Victoria Government’s 10 year mental health strategy. CMY strongly supports the government’s recognition of the importance of supporting the mental health of young people and of those from refugee (including asylum seeker) backgrounds. This submission focusses on questions from the youth and refugee technical papers, including: 

  • Are the key barriers to good mental health and disadvantage associated with poor mental health for young people adequately described? 
  • How can we improve these outcomes for young people (having regard to what we know about the barriers and harms experienced by young people)? What do we know works? 
  • Do the options for consideration focus effort where it is most needed and most effective? Are there other options that should also be considered? 
  • How do we build system capacity of the specialist mental health service system to respond to the mental health needs of people from refugee backgrounds, including asylum seekers, across the continuum of services and establish new or redesigned functions to address critical gaps and pressing needs? 
  • What other challenges or opportunities arise in relation to providing adequate mental healthcare for people from refugee backgrounds, including asylum seekers?

Click here to read CMY's submission.