Over 25 young people matched with mentors to support them into employment

May 1, 2018

Building on the success of the first-ever Meet your Mentor event at CMY, Round 2 of the essential networking night saw over 25 young people matched with mentors to support them into jobs.

Mentors came from various professional backgrounds such as business development, civil engineering, law, finance, psychology, science, IT, public relations and film.

 Pathways to Employment meet your mentor event 2018

Most of them are second or third generation migrants and have clear understanding of the challenges young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds face with finding work in Australia.   

27 young people were matched with mentors on the night. They represented various cultural backgrounds such as Hazara, Ugandan, Ethiopian, Oromo, South Sudanese, Somali, Zimbabwean, Indian and Nigerian.

Pathways to Employment Meet Your Mentor event 2018 

Guest speaker, Iman De Vos, took the audience through the lived experience of being a mentor. She has been a long-serving mentor with the program and works with two young people.

Feedback from participants, both mentors and the young people, about the networking night was very positive.

The event, reportedly, made them feel: ‘welcomed, included, part of a community, happy and excited’.

Attending the event provided a platform for them to meet new people, expand their networks and learn from others with different experiences and backgrounds.

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