NVW2018: How volunteers supercharge CMY’s work

May 24, 2018

CMY’s reach and impact would not be nearly as widespread if not for the fabulous people who donate their time to making our programs great.

Our volunteers are at the heart of what we do and we cannot thank them enough for their selfless dedication.

 Volunteer hours at CMY

With more than 600 volunteers engaged in a variety of programs, our volunteers have given over 18,000 hours to programs and services in 2016/17, helping more than 4,500 young people involved in those activities.

Iman De Vos is one such volunteer. She’s a volunteer professional mentor with CMY and currently supports two young people to develop their job-ready skills and achieve their career goals.

“I have helped them with job applications, including resume and cover letter writing,” she shares, “I have also helped with interview preparation, networking, job search, and exploring pathway options.”

The young people reported feeling supported by Iman's mentoring. They attest to feeling more confident about going after their dream job.

An accredited pharmacist, Iman moved to Australia from Lebanon as a teenager.

“I moved to Australia at the age of 13 with my family, to pursue a better future and living conditions.”

“Upon arrival, I had to overcome many barriers, but without help and support from many organisations, it would have been impossible to be where I am today.”

Iman Devos Pathways CMY volunteer mentor

Iman speaking at a Pathways event last month

She counts volunteering as ‘an extremely rewarding thing to do” which “adds to my own personal growth and helps me become a better person”.

“I joined as I wanted to give back to the community and because I wanted to support those that are from migrant and refugee backgrounds,” she shares, “as I know the feeling and how difficult it can be when you move to a new country that is very different to your country of origin.”

Her advice to other potential volunteers is to, “make sure they have allowed time for themselves, as it’s essential to have a good work-life balance and still be available to help the mentees. “

“Also, to ensure they are resourceful, are willing to share their knowledge and experiences. It’s also important to have good listening skills, be friendly, respectful, and approachable.”

We extend our deepest gratitude and warmest hugs to all our volunteers who support us with the work we do here at CMY. Thank you!

Iman volunteers with CMY's Pathways program. Pathways is delivered by CMY with funding from the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, The William Buckland Foundation, The R E Ross Trust and The Myer Foundation.

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