NEW RESEARCH: Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Young People and Digital Citizenship

March 27, 2018

As our online and offline lives become increasingly enmeshed, what it means to be an active citizen, a full and equal participant in social, economic and civic life, comes to depend evermore on digital inclusivity and digital citizenship. In 2016, CMY published a paper on how newly arrived young people (in their first five years of settlement) access and engage with digital technology when settling in Victoria.

In this new paper, authored by the University of Melbourne’s Research Unit in Public Cultures and commissioned by CMY, this topic is expanded to understand how young first and second generation Victorians are accessing and using digital technology to engage in social, economic, political and cultural life online. 

“Rather than treat ‘digital citizenship’ as a separate realm of citizenship, this project conceives of the digital as a new medium for pre-existing civic practices. The task is to rethink citizenship through the digital. In other words, rather than treating digital citizenship as a domain of civic practices separate from social citizenship, economic citizenship, political citizenship or cultural citizenship, this project attempts to understand how CALD young people participate in social, economic, political, and cultural civic practices using digital technologies and environments.”

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