National Youth Week | Sadiki

April 8, 2016

SADIKI Mukasa's life in Congo was beautiful and peaceful but when the war came everything got destroyed.

Sadiki was born in Congo but spent some years as a refugee in Malawi, escaping the war at the age of six, before coming to Australia.

During his time, he remembers sticking to his dad.

“My mother and sisters left earlier for safety, then my father, brother and I left.”

Eventually he was reunited with his mother and sisters.

Now that Sadiki is in Australia, he is focusing on his dream. 

“My dream is to become a police officer after I finish school, to change the world I live in and show diversity in my community.”

Since announcing his intentions Sadiki has had to overcome some criticisms.

“Some people have said that I cannot become a police officer because I am too short. Others have said I am from a different cultural background, but I am going to work really hard to get there anyway,” he says.

Sadiki has already mapped out his plan for the future. He wants to enrol at University and study a Bachelor Degree in Criminology and then go onto to complete a police-training course. 

Another reason Sadiki wants to join the police is to bring more cultural diversity to the force.

“This will help make a change,” he says.

Sadiki hopes to be able to travel and work with the other police officers as one family and to be able to share his ideas and opinions.


Story originally published in ABC Open on 20 January, 2015.