National Youth Week | Nyanhial

April 11, 2016

NYANHIAL is no stranger to racism, but has used her experiences to tackle racial stereotypes and facilitate positive conversations around refugee and migrant young people.

“(My family) were the first Sudanese family to move to Ballarat… I stood out in school and there was bullying, but the teachers didn’t know what to do.

“I’ve since participated in public speaking initiatives at schools, talking about how to assist newly arrived families, shared my experiences and that’s been quite rewarding.”

As one of the first members of CMY Ballarat’s Youth Advisory Group, she has advised community groups on how to tackle racism and foster social cohesion. This National Youth Week, Nyanhial is encouraging other young people to take the lead on initiating change.

“I feel like (young) people out there affected by different issues, whether it’s racism or anything else, should be the one driving change.

“Because unless you speak up you’ll have other people making decisions for you without knowing about these issues first-hand.”