National Volunteer Week 2016: Jane Pirouc

May 8, 2016

This National Volunteer Week, CMY would like to acknowledge the generous contribution of all our volunteers across Victoria. Volunteers have supported young people in particularly vulnerable circumstances through the Youth Referral and Independent Person Program, and facilitated the social inclusion of newly arrived young people through the Ucan2 program.

A big thank you to all our volunteers. Your support is invaluable.

As part of National Volunteer Week, CMY is highlighting the stories of some of these exceptional volunteers.


Jane Pirouc, Ucan2 Volunteer


Ucan2 was the first time I had ever volunteered. I knew I wanted to do something, but wasn't sure what. With my interest in the refugee/asylum seeker population, I thought it would be a great idea to be on the lookout for any opportunities relating to these communities. I finally stumbled upon Ucan2 and applied straight away!

The most rewarding part of volunteering for Ucan2 has to be all of the amazing people I have met. Whether they have been students, other volunteers or the facilitators. The stories, smiles and surprises, which everyone brings, have made every class different.

It really is a program like no other and I think that it brings so much happiness to the students, and to the volunteers too!

Along with volunteering for Ucan2, I have also volunteered overseas in Thailand, teaching primary-secondary children about health.

Volunteering has become of the most important parts of my life.


Please click here if you would like to volunteer with Ucan2