Meet the Graduates of Enterprising Wyndham Vale 2017

October 20, 2017

Wyndham: Last night, thirteen graduates of the 2017 Enterprising Wyndham Vale program walked up on stage and pitched their local business idea to an audience of over 60 people. The room buzzed with excitement and potential as these graduates displayed the entrepreneurial spirit in full form.

Pitches were short and sharp, but no less passionate.

From healthy eating to greater productivity at work, from art as therapy to art as an extension of self, the business ideas of the graduates of the Enterprising Wyndham Vale program were varied as they were creative.

 Raydel Prado of SkyHawk Vision making his business pitch

After a 4-month program, participants were feeling empowered to build a more vibrant Wyndham for themselves and their community.

In attendance last night were Cr Heather Marcus (Iramoo ward) and Cr Walter Villagonzalo (Chaffey Ward), as well as, Anthea Hancocks CEO of The Scanlon Foundation and Carmel Guerra, CEO of Centre for Multicultural Youth. 

Enterprising Wyndham Vale 2017 Graduates with local councillors

“A lot of people have great business ideas,” said Cr Walter, winner of the Social Enterprise Champion Award in 2016, “but they lack the support and networks that will make them a success. This is where Enterprising Wyndham Vale comes in.”

The quality of ideas and proposals presented from each graduate was so high that the judges – Soo-Lin Quek from CMY, Sebastian Geer from The Scanlon Foundation and Vanessa Riolo from Wyndham Council - were compelled to award seed funds to the entire group.

“All the participants did such a fantastic job,” said the judges, “No one bombed out, and everyone’s material was of a very high quality.”

“We’ve seen incredible growth from all the program participants,” said Carmel, who presented the prizes to the winners. 

“From proposals for drone photography to art therapy for children, their commitment to achieving business goals while creating benefits for the wider Wyndham community is great to see”.

Developed by the Centre for Multicultural Youth, Wyndham City Council, and the Scanlon Foundation; Enterprising Wyndham Vale aims to build small business knowledge, skills and capacity. The program, now in its second year, equips local residents with business skills and knowledge and introduces them to successful local mentors, their networks and resources.

Stephanie Brown winner of best pitch at enterprising Wyndham vale graduation ceremony

Stephanie Brown won Best Pitch for her business idea Salad Sanctuary.

Raydel Prado Enterprising Wyndham Vale

Raydel Prado (Skyhawk Vision) won Best Business Plan, while Nyrelle Bade walked away with Most Improved Business Plan for her business idea Wyndham Arts Therapy.

Nyrelle Bade wins Most Improved Business Plan at Enterprising Wyndham Vale Graduation Ceremony

All the graduates received certificates of completion.

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