First-ever Meet Your Mentor event for Pathways to Employment

March 1, 2018

Pathways to Employment Meet Your Mentor event

CMY Office: Fairy lights and flowers framed the sparkling conversations and busy networking that were central to the Meet Your Mentor event held at the CMY office last week.

The Meet your Mentor Event was organised for the first time as part of the Pathways to Employment Program.     

The aim of the event was to welcome participants to the program and to provide an opportunity for Pathways mentors and young people to meet one another, exchange contact details, and also to discuss their goals and plans for the upcoming year. 

19 young people were matched with mentors. 

“I am excited about this journey,” said one of the participating mentors, in the feedback survey, “I’m motivated, and hungry to help.”

All mentors were matched with participating young people on the evening, some with one, some with two young people, depending on their preference and availability.

The professional profiles of the mentors ranged from engineers, lawyers, pharmacists, to experts in community development & HR and IT specialists.

Most of them are second or third generation migrants and all of them have a deep understanding of the challenges young people from migrant and refugee backgrounds face in Australian society.

“Throughout this event, I felt welcomed, special, loved and motivated, especially after meeting my mentor,” said one of the participating young people.

Many of the young people are in the final leg at university enrolled in science, health sciences, engineering, youth work, International Relations, business, commerce, or the Arts, and come from over 10 cultural backgrounds including Indian, Hazara, Vietnamese, South Sudanese, Togean Islander, Burundian, Syrian, Eritrean, Somalian, Nigerian, Oromo, and Ethiopian.

Everyone who attended was inspired by guest speaker and author David Vincent’s story. The support he received from his mentor when he came to Australia prompted everyone to think about the importance of mentoring.  

The event marked a great start to the year ahead and gave everyone involved valuable insight into the opportunities that are available. 

The Pathways team at CMY is already working on the next event, sign up for Pathways to Employment to stay in the loop.

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Pathways is delivered by CMY with funding from the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, The William Buckland Foundation, The R E Ross Trust and The Myer Foundation.

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